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Month And Week Calendar To Show Days Of Week Only

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Hi alanhoffman and Michelle


How are you doing?


You can use the following CSS code to hide Sunday and Saturday columns: 


1) Insert this part into Header of your Calendar DataPage: 



#target table:nth-of-type(2) td:nth-of-type(1) {display: none;}

#target table:nth-of-type(2) th:nth-of-type(1) {display: none;}


#target table:nth-of-type(2) td:nth-of-type(7) {display: none;}

#target table:nth-of-type(2) th:nth-of-type(7) {display: none;}




<div id="target">


2) And this one into the Footer: 




P.S Make sure Source button in selected before you insert the following code into the Header&Footer element. 


I hope this helps




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Many thanks for this Aurora.


One more question though. This certainly worked but the results seemed a bit variable i.e. it did not work every time I applied it. Strangely, for the same data page, it seemed to work on some occasions and no others. Would there be a reason for this?


Also can you advise how I change the days? When it works, it shows Tuesday to Saturday and not Monday to Friday.


Thanks again... 

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Hello alanhoffman! 


This code hides columns of the calendar. Probably you use other Localization and your Calendar starts from Monday, so code hides Monday and Sunday. Change  td:nth-of-type(1)  for td:nth-of-type(6) so you will hide Saturday and Sunday.



I hope it helps



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