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Group Data Across Columns



Hi there Caspio gurus...


I have a table: Orders..


In this table is a variety of columns holding data in columns:














The Food_Order and Drink_Order fields are text and hold different food and drink orders from different customers and may hold the same data in different columns


eg for Food

                       Order 1       Qty 1    Order 2      Qty 2     Order 1   Qty 1    Order 2   Qty 2


Customer 1:  HotDog          1          Fries             2         Shake      1           Coke       1

Customer 2:  Fries               2         Burger           2

Customer 3:  OnionRings     1        HotDog          1         Coke       1

Customer 4:  Burger             2         OnionRings   1



What I would like to be able to do is aggregate this data so that I can perform calculations on that data - specifically how many orders for each type of food?


Burger: 4

Fries: 4

HotDog: 2

OnionRings: 2

Shake: 1

Coke: 2



Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..



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Hello alanhoffman,


I would recommend you to create the 'Orders' table:


Customer     Order            Qty

Customer1   HotDog           1

Customer1   Fries               2

Customer1   Shake             1

Customer1   Coke               1

Customer2   Fries               2

Customer2   Burger            2

Customer3   OnionRings    1

Customer3   HotDog           1

Customer3   Coke               1

Customer4   Burger            2


Than you can create Tabular DataPage, group by 'Order' field and add the aggregation field that summarize the values of 'Qty' field and select to calculate aggregation for the first group.


Hope it helps.



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