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Is It Possible To Display Records Depends On Role In An Authentication?



Hello everyone,


Happy New Year :)


I have a Gallery DataPage with Authentication. In the DataSource of the Authentication, there is the "Admin" checkbox.

I want to display the value of a field only if a user is admin and display a message, if a user is not admin.


I know, that it is a better to use two DataPages, but it is the only difference and I would like to use the same DataPage, if it's possible.


Is it possible?


Thank you for your time!

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Hi Cameron,


How are you?


I think, you can add an HTML Block to the Result page, disable an HTML Editor and enter the code like follows:

var checkbox='[@authfield:admin]';
var hiddenValue="You cannot see this information";
if (checkbox=="Yes") hiddenValue = '[@field:HiddenValue]';
var line = "<span class='cbResultSetLabel'>Name </span><span class='cbResultSetData'>"+hiddenValue+"</span>";

Enter the name of you field in the Authentication DataSource instead of admin in the line "var checkbox='[@authfield:admin]';".

Enter your message instead of "You cannot see this information".

Enter the name of the field that contains value instead of HiddenValue in the line "if (checkbox=="Yes") hiddenValue = '[@field:HiddenValue]';"


But I'm not sure that it's a secure enough for you, JavaScript is not a secure instrument.


Have a good day!

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