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Conditional Formatting Trick



Check out this trick I stumbled upon.


Put Caspio Variables into your Classes so you can use CSS to dynamically style your pages.

(js not required)



Div to dynamically format 

<div class="action[@field:action]"></div>


.actionCall {
   background-image: URL("../img/call.png");
.actionEmail {
   background-image: URL("../img/email.png");
.actionText {
   background-image: URL("../img/text.png");

Dynamic Elements - load all options, and hide all but needed

<a class="btnFile fileName[@field:FileName]" href="../some/dir/[@field:FileName]">Download</a>

<a class="btnLink fileLink[@field:FileLink]" href="[@field:FileLink]">View File</a>


/*-- when [@field:***] is null, hide the div --*/
.fileName, .fileLink {
display: none;

Hope this helps


Think Easy


-I know the Title of this Forum is "Ask....", but IDK where else to share stuff like this.

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