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Datapage Submit Moves To Second Datapage Depending On Dropdown Selection.



I chatted with support and they said I would need javascript to do this, so I came here to see if anybody has done something similar. Here is a simplified breakdown:


Datapage 1 has any amount of questions, one of those questions has a dropdown with 2 answers (A and B)

If they choose A, after they submit the datapage it routes onto datapage A for them to finish filling out the remaining questions, if they choose B it routes them to B.


I know if you make two datapages, one a submission and one a single record update you can make two datapages input into a single table by passing an ID from the first to the second.

So how do I make the second form dependent on a selection on the first form?

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Hello larsonchst. 


There is a tech tips in the How-To : 




You could create 2 Data Page and select them in Field for value in the dropdown. 


You can pass parameters in 2 ways. First is described here: 



The second one is here: 






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