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Passing Parameters Between Data Pages



I'm trying to pass parameters through Caspio between a submission form and a series of datapages (as seen in this training video


However, I am running into an issue. My data has a series of unique identities, split between two classes, one of which has subclasses. So far I have structured my search this way:





                               /          \

                         Unique    Subclass




On the Caspio side, it looks like this:


                                 Radio button


                                 Cascading Radio1

                               /          \

                         Listbox1    Cascading radio2




I have created rules to hide either branch A or branch B depending on the class selection.


I'm trying to get both uniques to pass a parameter to the result pages named [@UNIQUE]


The DataPage Elements looks like this:

Virtual 1 - radio

Virtual 2 - cascade radio 1

Virtual 3 - listbox 1

Virtual 4 - cascade radio 2

Virtual 5 - listbox 2


However, only listbox 2 will pass the parameter and search successfully.


My speculation is this: If a selection is not made in listbox 2, the app will only pass a blank parameter since the blank listbox 2 is overwriting any selection made in listbox 1


Any ideas?

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Are you trying to combine the fields?

Like with a space between the values?


If what you need is a concatenated parameter, use an additional Virtual combined with some js to concatenate the values.


var vP3 = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual3');

var vP5 = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual5');

var vP6 = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual6');


vP3.onchange = function(){

  vP6.value = vP3.value + " " + vP5.value



vP5.onchange = function(){

  vP6.value = vP3.value + " " + vP5.value


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