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Configure The Filtering Criteria



I am having a problem configuring the filtering criteria on a report I am trying to run.  I have included a screen shot of the logic view.  The first part works fine as it is, but I am trying to add another condition that I cannot figure out.  Under the “OR†element, I need to add a forth criteria which would be “CruiseLine.Criteria4 – contains - “Vikingâ€.  What I would like to do is make the “SailDate - Next X Days – Date and Time = 60†for the “CruiseLine.Criteria4 contains “Viking†ONLY.  I would like to keep the other 3 CruiseLine Criteria at the “SailDate - Next X Days – Date and Time = 60â€.  Any simple suggestions?




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Hi ohsusan429,


I don't think it's possible to add your 4th criteria in this same report because it sounds more like you're looking to implement an "IF > Else" conditional statement as oppose to just telling the Filter which records to include or to disregard.  If I understand you correctly, you want the criteria to give you this logic >> ("IF CruiseLine.Criteria4 Contains Viking THEN SailDate.NextXDays.=60, ELSE SailDate.NextXDays=14").  I don't believe the Report Filter logic will allow you to do this.  

What is possible though is to have a submission form with virtual fields then insert a footer javascript that will monitor the value of the criteria fields and will redirect the user to the correct report DataPage based on the chosen criteria.  So if they selected Viking, the submission form will direct the user to your Report DataPage where SailDate.NextDays=60 and CruiseLine.Criteria.Contains.Vikings.  Hope this helps.

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