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Javascript to replace contents of one field with another

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Hi i'm a newbie to scripting of any sorts and i have a problem i'm trying to replace a text field on a submission form based on the contents of another field (dropdown), with the contents of either of two other text fields.

In essence if the contents of one field "Name_Type" equal "Muscle Group" then I want the field "Workout_Name" to equal the contents of the Muscle_Group_id field, likewise if the contents of field "Name_Type" equal "Workout_Type" then I want the field "Workout_Name" to equal the contents of the Workout_Type_id field. If neither is the case then I want the contents of the field "Workout_Name" to stay as it is.

If had an attempt at scripting this which I placed in the footer of the submission datapage but without success, can anyone help?


function replace ()

var name_type = document.getElementById("InsertRecordName_Type").value;
var muscleG = document.getElementById("InsertRecordMuscle_Group_id").value;
var workType = document.getElementById("InsertRecordWorkout_Type_id").value;
var work_name = document.getElementById("InsertRecordWorkout_Name").value;

if (name_type = "Muscle Group") {

     var Work_nameSubmit = muscleG;

          else if (name_type = "Workout Type") {

              var Work_nameSubmit = workType;
                    else {
                       var Work_nameSubmit = work_name;


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I have trouble with the onsubmit function in Caspio.

Maybe try onfocus or onenter on the element you want the values to go in to; so this script runs prior to Submit.

A good tip for building and testing js is to drop in alerts

document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit= alert('hi');


document.getElementById("ElementToReplace").onenter = alert('hi');


if (name_type = "Muscle Group") {

     alert('name_type is Muscle Group');

     var Work_nameSubmit = muscleG;


Hope this helps

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