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Auto-submit two submission forms on one webpage

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Hi Mylene, 

I could do this before and even posted a topic here, on Forum. But somehow it stopped to work and I've found a workaround. 

So, I created two Submit Forms and put AUTOSUBMIT code in the Footer of each DataPage. I deployed second DataPage as Iframe into a HTML block of the first DataPage. 

I hope this solution helps. 


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Hi Aurora!

First of all, your name is AMAZING. 

Second, I was trying to use your solution for this post, but it is throwing an error message (" Values in one or more fields are invalid.").

Here is what I am trying to do: I need to create a login redirect based on the criteria I am trying to submit on a DataPage. So, first, the user will create a login, then if they complete the next DataPage (a submission DataPage with the information going to another table) I want it to update the user table showing the DataPage has been completed. My thought was having the user check a box on the page saying they confirm the info they entered is correct. I want that confirmed box (yes) to be saved to the user table so that I can create the login redirect. If that box is checked, when they re-log in they will be sent to the next DataPage in the series, otherwise they will be sent to the DataPage with the box. I hope that makes sense. I know in your description you said it was from a report, maybe that is why I am getting the error? 

Here is what the code for the link looks like: 

<a class='cbMenuItem' href='#' onclick='window.open("https://c2ebl150.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=4b38400036aef0ff9e464450b52c&parameter=[@Initial_Registration_Confirmed] ","mywindow", "menubar=1,resizable=1,width=500,height=500")'>Confirm</a>


Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!!



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