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passing parameters to 2 tables



I have 2 tables for T-shirts:

1 - purchases
2 - Inventory

I'm trying to submit a purchase through a submission for that gets listed in the purchases table (this part is easy), but then I need the inventory table to add the value purchased for that item to the current value in the table for that item to create a new value for that item that includes what was purchased already & what has just been purchased. I've been thinking on this for a while and can't seem to understand how to pass the parameter to two spots + have the 2nd spot get this parameter added to its current value. The purchases table will log purchases per item per date purchased while the inventory table will have quantities per item with only one record per item. 

I'm thinking that I need to have some javascript that tells the inventory table to "get" the new purchases and "add to" the current value. Any suggestions here?

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Item is:   Socks



user enters a socks purchase in the submission form.  This new number of socks purchased passes to the table "Purchases" and also passes to the table "Merchandise".  The Merchandise table already has Socks as an item and has a value listed in the "purchases" field & I'd like the new purchases to get added to it.  Socks has an ID that will match the current Merchandise table.


Make sense?

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HI zalipresents, 


Please take a look at this post. 


After a Form has been submitted, you can send send parameters to two DataPages sourced on different Tables and submit both at once: 



Since one Form will be deployed as an Iframe in the Footer of another DataPage, you will need to use this approach to receive parameters in Iframe:



I hope this help!



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