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Make Virtual Fields Input into Tables

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I'm trying to create a timesheet, where the form is the input and they can input multiple projects under a single user after they login. The issue is that I'm unable to duplicate the Project_Name and Days_Worked fields so that i can input multiple projects at a single time rather than submit a form one by one. Is there a way to duplicate a single field (in this case 'Project Name', & Days Worked). Currently I've created Virtual fields but in relation to the table they pass nothing to it. I want to be able to make it so that the virtual fields function exactly the same as the one created for the table.


So the other fields, (Holidays, Leaves, Non-project related, and project 2 - 8 and corresponding days worked) are all virtual. and i want them to add data onto the table as a project under 'Project Name' (see below) and be saved with the same data that is inputted at the top, such as (Company, Department, and Month). Untitled.png

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