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Facebook and Unique ID



I followed the Facebook like button tutorial found here http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/social-media/add-a-facebook-like-button-to-your-datapage/, but when the like button is pressed it links back to my site with the correct external parameter in the URL string but it's not going directly to the details page for that item. Need to figure this out. Thanks.

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Vague question.

Seems like a DataPage design problem. Make sure your DataPage goes to Detail by default if only one record present, and that the page on your site you want to load is where the Detail page you desire actually resides. Also, make sure data is filtered by the correct param.

One thing to check is if you load a Caspio form from their servers a ?AppName=abc param is already loaded, so your URL param needs to be prefixed with a & rather than a ?.



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