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Page Navigation Crossing Data Page Boundry



I have a Wordpress page that contains 2 data pages. The one on left has a search form and resulting report. The data page on left is just a list of topics. 

My problem is that the page navigation from the 1st data page is bleeding over into the 2nd data page results.


This is word press using Divi theme and Divi Builder. Any suggestions?






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If that is your only issue, then this little edit should do it:

Go to Styles-Caspian(or whatever stylesheet that datapage uses)

-ResultsPage, Paging

-scroll down to Element Type: Paging Controls Cell and click it

-click ... next to alignment, and set to middle-left instead


However, this is an issue with Divi Builder, or the settings you have specified there. Your datapages are too wide for the divs, and the overflow is visible.


You could also try limiting your column widths on the LEFT datapage, so that the total page width is less, to try to make it actually fit the div.


You will also run into issues with monitors/resolutions that are different than your own. Right now you are correcting for your particular setup only.

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