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output JSON array

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Hi, I want to output a parent record and its linked child records (a variable number of records) as a JSON array to display in a html page that consists of sections.  Each section contains one or more fields from either the child or parent record(s).

I would like to be able to push the data upon clicking a button.


Following is an example of what I mean. (NB: The actual Parent Table has 10 fields and the Child table has 60 fields, including some that are formula fields).


Parent table fields:

FIELD:             PID                               PF1      PF2                  PF3

TYPE                (autonumber)             text      date                 number


Child Table fields:

FIELD:              CID (autonumber)       PID                   CF2      CF3      CF4                  CF5

TYPE                (autonumber)             integer            text      date     number           checkbox

PID is an Integer field and relationship linked to same field in Parent table.

Section 1





Section 2

[CF2-record1] [CF4-record1]

[CF2-record2] [CF4-record2]

[CF2-record3] [CF4-record3]


Section 3

[CF5-record1] [PF1]

[CF5-record2] [PF1]

[CF5-record3] [PF1]




It would be much appreciated if someone can assist by providing some instructions and javascript if needed.  Many thanks!

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