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I tried a search for this, but came up empty handed. I'm not even sure if I'm using the right search terms.

I'm building a search form connected to my caspio database. Is there a way to have a radio button to change the search from "equals" to "contains" or "begins with" at the user's will? I hope that makes sense.

Thank you.

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There is no ability to toggle a field's search type directly, but you could make a submit form with 2 sets of virtual fields that pass to the actual datapage view receive filters, and on the 1st datapage use rules to hide or display the set of search fields based on the criteria. Set criteria as a main radio button which would effectively toggle between the search types. Each set of search fields using virtual fields would be set to the specific search type, and the rules would display/hide the correct set for them to use. I have used this method on a few forms, it is a bit lengthy but will achieve the results you are looking for. Let me know if this makes sense or you need any help.




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