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Prevent forms from reloading with new session




I'm new to Caspio and working on a multi-step form for users. There are 3 data pages hosted on one wep page; users will fill them out in parts and likely over multiple sessions. Does anyone know of a way to prevent a submission form from re-loading once it's been submitted? The use case is, a user fills out Form 1, hits submit, and then logs out and returns later to complete Form 2. I don't want Form 1 to show again (ideally, the submission confirmation message would continue to show).


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The user will be prompted with the message, and given an option to stay on the page or continue on their way. This is becoming more common. Stack Overflow does this if you try to navigate away from a page while you are typing a post. You can't completely stop the user from reloading, but you can make it sound real scary if they do.

#2 is more or less impossible. Even if you tracked sessions and user logins, you still wouldn't be able to guarantee that you were detecting a second tab correctly. For example, maybe I have one window open, then close it. Now I open a new window. You would likely detect that as a second tab, even though I already closed the first one. Now your user can't access the first window because they closed it, and they can't access the second window because you're denying them.

In fact, my bank's online system tries real hard to do #2, and the situation described above happens all the time. I usually have to wait until the server-side session expires before I can use the banking system again.

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Hi HDileepan. Welcome to Caspio! If you don't want to show Form 1 again, you can edit your Destination Options under Destination and Emails screen of the DataPage wizard. You can choose Go to a new page or Go to a DataPage for another page if you are using a multi-step form.

I hope this helps!

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