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Custom "search all/any" is failing to find profile via first AND last name together

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We have separate fields in our profile table for first name and last name.

Currently have a "one ring to rule them all" search bar that is supposed to search all given fields in that table for any keyword entered.  The fields we are using are firstname, lastname, FULLname (a concatenated entry derived from first, middle and last), category and keywords.  So a person can enter "John" for example and get all profiles with the name John in them -- including e.g. last name Johnson.

Problem is, if they enter a full name, such as John Smith, it returns NO results -- even if there are four people surnamed Smith, or three people named John.

http://go.pacific.edu/findanexpert -- that's the live; if someone could assist with this it would be most appreciated.

I did search for this question but the closest I could find was this thread -- and it wasn't exactly what I needed, sorry.

I have tried configuring this with specific logic "rules" on the fullname but it wants to "reset" these every time I try, so no go.

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