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bad certificate problems with caspio website


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34 minutes ago, rollandhuie said:

just wondering if anyone else is getting phishing or bad certificate warnings with the caspio website.

Should this impact embedded data pages?

20180711 Caspio Phishing threat.png

20180711 Caspio failed website.png

Hi @rollandhuie,


I am not getting any error when I access the Caspio Website. 


  1. Can you click "Advanced", then copy-and-paste the entire contents of the error details and paste them here.
  2. Also, you can provide more details about the connection information.  Click the Lock with Red Cross > "Details" link, which shows the Security Overview in DevTools.  Then click the "View certificate" button 
                    (1) From the "Details" tab, please provide the info for the certificate Issuer, Valid from, Valid to, and Subject.
                    (2) From the "Certification Path" tab, please provide the list of all the certificates in the authorization list.

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Hello again @rollandhuie,


You don't have to fret as it will not affect your deployed application. Can you access the Caspio website now? I think you should be able to access it now with no error. You can also help the site by clicking on "Report False Positive" or "Report Mistake" and report that it shouldn't be blocked. image.png.5d2c2a05e65c7427726602b49e5ffdfd.png

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