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How do you group by a field and hold that field collapsed without a toggle?



In the tabular report below column EVENTO can be toggled and expand more rows.  I want this column collapsed and make it so in doesn't expand to more rows.  I am grouping data by 3 variables, and I only seleceed 3 variables for my grouping, but  I don't want EVENTO to expand.... any suggestions?


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Thank you for your help I did what you suggested... but this is what I get... the first image has the aggregation I need, but then I toggle the arrow then it shows the rows of all of the ingredients of EVENTO.  In my form creation, I did not include the ingredients I need them for the aggregation so I get the results I have on the first image, but when I toggle the arrow then all of the values that make up the aggregation appear, I know what they are, but I don't want them to show. 



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