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Align Total & Subtotal Rows

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I created an HTML block to create a link from a Calculated Field column in a tabular report.

In the footer, I added the following JavaScript to hide the Calculated Field which happens to be the 3rd column in the header and the data rows.



var CalcFieldIndex = 3;
var ff = document.querySelectorAll("table[id*='cbTable'] tr th:nth-child("+ CalcFieldIndex +"),table[id*='cbTable'] tr[id*='DataRow'] td:nth-child("+ CalcFieldIndex +")");

    ff.forEach( function(elem) {
      elem.style.display = "none";
  }, 10);


But Totals and Subgroups apparently do not have the same number of columns and they do not align with the rest of the table.  I know I need to make changes to the Java script.

Please check the image of the report.






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