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Hide Update Button Not Working

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I have an 'Update Single Record' Form that is working perfectly since I followed past forums, but I cannot figure out how to hide the original 'update' button. I am using a new HTML Block button to submit the form, and then go to a new page. I cannot use the canned 'go to new page' because I am deploying in Iframes.

I was able to hide the button by going to 'styles' and changing the display to none, but the problem is that also hides my HTML Block button as well, and I need that to show. Do you have any idea on how to hide the original update button, but keep my HTML Block button? My code samples are below. 


function updateRecord(){

HTML Block Button:

<input class="cbUpdateButton" id="Mod0EditRecord1" name="Mod0EditRecord" onclick="updateRecord()" onmouseout="cbButtonHover(this,'cbUpdateButton');" onmouseover="cbButtonHover(this,'cbUpdateButton_hover');" type="submit" value="Next Page" />


document.getElementById("Mod0EditRecord").style.display = "none";


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