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HTML in Pivot Table or Distinct search



Is there a way to add HTML to a Pivot Table datapage? I want to use it similar to an HTML Block in a List report datapage. Specifically I want to capture the Row value and use that to open a separate data page.

Alternatively, if anyone has a creative way to do a "Distinct" type action against a specific field in a List type datapage, that would solve the need as well.

I am open to Javascript solutions if there is a way to make them generic enough to re-use on other similar data pages or some sort of CSS.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply. I actually came up with a fairly acceptable way to address this for our needs. It is pretty simple, and does have its limitations, but it works.

  • Created a Pivot Table datapage 
    • One Row for the target field that I want unique values for
    • One Calc Field in the Values with a SQL query to get the unique ID for the target field
  • Added some JS to the footer to change the displayed value in the results cells
  • Formatted a small table in those result sets with links to the Datapages that perform the tasks I need for each option


It isn't super elegant and I am limited in formatting options because it is a pivot table, but it gets me where I need to go.

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