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data transfer



I would like to know how datatransfer is measured.

I have a searchform online so clients can look up information about therapists listed. There is no possibility to download the results.

some months the datatransfer doesn't reach 80% and sometimes before the end of the month the amount of 100% is reached.



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I just want to add to the previous comment above, this is just based on the information provided to me by a Caspio expert when I also inquire to them about this issue.

Caspio count how much data “leaves” the Caspio database as the DataPage is rendered. If the DataPage has a lot of lookups, dropdowns, cascade elements or Ajax editing abilities, you will see an increase in data transfer. 

This is a good resource of best practices: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/best-practices-in-creating-caspio-applications/. Using browser tools (F12 and Net Tab) is a good way to estimate the size, but the actual size might not be exactly what is counted from the systems. Below is more information that can help to understand the areas contributing to data transfer:

Activities performed inside Caspio Bridge that incur data transfer include:

1. Preview Submission Form and you submit data and files.
2. Preview Search and Report DataPage and you Search. When you get results with many rows and images, sorting and paging, and click to details and go back to results.

Activities performed inside Caspio Bridge that doesn't incur data transfer include:
1. Creating and accessing objects
2. Import of apps/tables/DataPages
3. Export of objects
4. Upload and Download of files
5. Preview of Submission form without lookup dropdowns
6. Preview of Report DataPage, direct to results (or details) that do not display images nor paging activities

Moreover, whenever your end users submit or retrieve data through your apps, data is transferred between Caspio’s servers and the user. The accumulation of data transferred in each interaction through apps, APIs, and import/export determines your monthly data transfer. Each package includes pre-allocated data transfer. If the data transfer limit for the month is approached, you will receive a courtesy email so that you can decide whether you want to add more data transfer as an add-on to save money. 

Also, you can check the number of used resources within your Caspio Bridge account if you select from the top menu bar "Account"-->"Usage and billing".

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