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Accessing a field from differnt table than datasource



Hi all, I am a bit of a novice at Caspio & databases in general, so I'm hoping you may have some guidance for me here.

I have a table of High Schools with data relating to the schools, such as SchoolName, Address, City, County and more
I have a table of students with their Name, Email, Gender and more.
The HighSchools Table has a unique key called "HighSchool_ID", which is in a one to many relationship with foreign key HighSchool_ID in the students table.

Now, I have a datapage where I use the students table as the datasource, and can access all the student data fine, and also stamps the HighSchool ID in the table.
Problem is I didn't realize I also need to display the HighSchool-> County field in that datapage. Data has already been entered for all schools, and some students.
So, wondering what best remedy may be:
1) Create a view joining Students & HighSchools table and changing datapage to use that as datasource?
2) Add new field in Students table that can get the HighSchool -> County info? (Kinda tried this but did something wrong so would appreciate instructions )
3) Some other method?

I hope I explained this well enough to make sense.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi @bertc, As I understand that you need to get the Country associated with that record from your table students.  What I can suggest is to join the table, afterwards create a view.  For more information in joining the tables, you may check this helpful articles and video:  https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/what-are-views/creating-a-view-to-join-tables/ and https://howto.caspio.com/getting-started/create-a-one-to-many-relationship/.


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