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Google Maps Deployment



I have deployed Google Maps based on Geocodes on a Tabular Datapage and that work. However,  I would like different appearance on the site.

I have done some testing on other Datapages and settings in the map tutorial to see different outcomes, but cant really get that to work displaying locations/orders in the map.

This is what I eventually would like to have:

1. Hide the search and table result and only get the map deployed, showing order location and still be able to hover curser on the marker to see details in bubble.

2. Where I have more than 1 order there should be multiple Markers e.g. stacked , even they have same location (right not it only show 1 marker per location.

This is how it currently look, where it has the table and only show 1 marker, though there are 4 orders:



If anyone have experienced same challenge, and perhaps have suggestions to accomplish this i would be very happy.




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We can easily upload our location in google maps,  To do that if anyone like your friends etc,.. is in that location they can share the live location from that exact spot.  Through this way we can trigger the exact geocode in google maps.  

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