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Mysterious 'N/A' Option In Dropdowns



Usually when I am creating my dropdowns, I create a blank custom value so that users can bypass that filter. Such example would be like a '-Any-' or 'Match All' in the display and nothing in the value. I feel this is a pretty common workflow among the Caspio community.

While creating a new report datapage, I couldn't help but notice an 'N/A' option at the bottom of each of my dropdowns. These N/A options were not created by me... And they only show for dropdowns that are populated by a lookup table or view. I have tried numerous different views and tables. I've created a dummy table just to test it with the same results. Even if the table has no data - the dropdown will show 'N/A' as the single option.

Is anyone else seeing this? Maybe it is a new feature? It would be nice to know where these come from and if this means we do not have to do the workaround explained above, and if so do we need to change all of our previous datapages that have the workaround implemented currently?






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