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Entry rejection notification



I have an submission form that allows you to scan barcodes into the system. It goes through several stations and we need it to reject an entry if one or more of the stations do not have records of that serial number making a stop there. Here's how it currently looks:

Entry fields:
Garment barcode
Employee ID barcode
Station barcode

Virtual fields:
When a Garment barcode is scanned, a virtual field displays where it was last scanned (which station)
When an Employee ID barcode is scanned, a virtual field displays who the last Employee was that interacted with that item
When a Station barcode is scanned, a virtual field displays which station last touched that garment

What we would like, is if SN: 123456 reaches Station 2 without first going through Station 1, Station 3 without first Station 2, etc., it's rejected upon attempt to submit the form. 

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