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How to unlink this link-able button

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I have a <i> button as shown in the image below!
It is activated on the parent table 100% which leads user to "details" page (separate datapage) having a unique ID. 
Now on the child table(same attachment), some of the listings don't have enough info, so I don't want user to be redirected to the "details" page. I have created the criteria by creating a yes/no filed for those records that are just basic (phone number, address) and no more info. 
Question is: How do I create not linked icon inside the script. 
Current script is: (attachment 2)

And the part relating to the icon is:
//More info code starts
if (UniquePrefix[@field:AutoID]){
document.getElementById('infoimage[@field:AutoID]').innerHTML = '<a href="http://www.goplaypool.com/places.html?Location=[@field:UniquePrefix]"><img alt="Establishment info" src="http://assets.goplaypool.com/files/theme/appcas/listboxinfo01.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" title="Establishment info" /></a>';
} else {
document.getElementById('infoimage[@field:AutoID]').innerHTML = '<img alt="" src="http://assets.goplaypool.com/files/theme/appcas/listboxdir02.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" title=""/>';

The second condition created for listings with not enough info to go to the details page is called:  VenueOnly

I am not sure if I explained 100% or it is confusing. 
Thanks in advance for any help!





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