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Populate Field 2 Based on Value of Field 1



I have a DataPage on which users enter Header information for a transaction. Depending on the transaction type (A or B) , I need to redirect to a different DataPage to enter the transaction details. Using information from this post, I was able to get the redirection that I need. No problem.

But I also need to save the transaction type in the header record. I use a virtual field to perform the redirect and I have a field TrxnType that should save the value. I need the actual field so that I can use a view later on to join the headers with the appropriate detail records.

How do I populate the actual field based on the value of the virtual field without having them both present on the DataPage?



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Hi @mgredmond,

You can add your actual field into submission form and use Calculated value form element to reference the result of Virtual field.

Advanced Calculated value settings allows you to hide field.


The formula expression will need to have a CASE logic block because Calculated value works with "Value" section of dropdown.

It might look like this:


Hope it helps.



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