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Group by TimeStamp



I’m looking to create a report of given table with a timestamp field that should give me Count of records group by Cole_ID and Minute submitted of timestamp field.So for example the following table If same Cole_ID was entered 3 times at same minute, it should give only one record listing the Cole_ID with count 3.

I need a group by query against the entire table, the purpose of this is to see how many records where edited at the same minutes (we are suspecting a system error). How can I accomplish that with Caspio?
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I have the same workflow like this in my previous application. What I have done is I converted the Timestamp field to remove the seconds in the time format using this formula:

CONVERT(nvarchar(16), Ts, 120)

Then, I use a Pivot table to display and count the number of records with the same time and minute. As well as, group it by the converted timestamp field(formula field).

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