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How to implement this requirements ? (Store Child table total calculated value)



I Have attached screenshot where i have two pages 1 is Detail Datapage and 2nd is Report Datapage... and 3rd is form Datapage which open on click on + Icon..


I have following tables.

1. Quote Master (Quotation Master Information, Quote ID, Company and Contacts)

2.Quote Products (its a child table of quote master where i add products for particular Quote)

No w my requirement is what ever product i add to particular quote i need that total value of products in Quote master table (Example I created Quote ID101 and added 2 Products in Quote Products which total value is $200 i want that value to be added in Quote Master Table)


How can i achieve same ?

Thanx in Advance..




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There are two ways to implement such a workflow.
1. You can create triggered action to update to Total price of the order when the users submits new item. It most cases, it requires 3 triggers on each event (insert, update, delete) and it is not the easiest thing to implement.

2. The second approach is to create the calculated field on the DataPage level to sum prices of all items per order ID.

SELECT SUM(Item_Price) FROM Order_tbl WHERE Order_ID = [@field:Order_ID]

You need to change the names of the fields and tables according to your local names.

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