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Has anyone had any success getting this digital signature pad js to work?

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I've followed the steps from the 2014 instructions that Caspio posted here: 

and I have yet to get it to work. 

Are there updated instructions that I maybe missed on this forum?  Has anyone had any success getting it to work?  I am able to get the datapage to display on my site and it does appear to allow for content to be written in the signature box once deployed and it does appear to submit a signature (or at least it refreshes with a blank box after I hit the "Submit" button) but when I go to the underlying table the signature field is blank.  I've tried one billion zillion times. About to give up.

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Hi - FYI for issues or troubleshooting in applying Signature Pad.

- Signature Pad not showing/working
- If you encounter an error in the console that says $(...) signaturePad is not a function
- MIME type ('text/html') is not executable



Things to check/troubleshoot:
- Make sure to download the file from the forum post above and be able to set it as a File parameter (unzip the file first)
- Make sure that you called/inserted the right parameter name in the DataPage.
- If it is a Report DataPage with Search Form, make sure to also include the file and jQuery in the Search form configuration

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