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Google maps not working from tutorial



I followed the tutorial exactly from the map-mashup tutorial and the Youtube channel video. The results are shown in the provided screen shots. The Google API is configured and setup correctly, however the application isn't communicating when selecting the search field and code appears on screen. I'm not sure how to fix it.



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Hello! @lbw27

It seems like that you should try to disable HTML editor in Datapage where you use the code. The main idea is to disable it.

It is enabled by default for Header/Footer and HTML blocks, but for some HTML/CSS/JS code you should disable it to prevent from such behavior when code can not be perceived in a correct way. 

Before turning off HTML editor, I strongly recommend you to copy and paste the code that is already written somewhere. Because if you have your code written in HTML editor like this (using HTML editor)


Once you disable HTML editor you will get this: (pay attention to the code itself it will encode quite many characters)


So to prevent it - save your code where the characters are not encoded yet.


After that , the option that disables the editor is in the Advanced tab of the header/footer and HTML block. 



 If Advanced tab is not displayed, you should go to the second screen of the DataPage wizard and enable Advanced Options.


Hope it helps.


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