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How to make my update form work



Hey, i am currently trying to resolve some problems:

1) Try to pass a parameter to a regular non-caspio element like a <div> so that it displays for each user on my nav bar. 

2) redirect user if the user has not logged in

3) make my single record update work. Currently it says no record found. I dont know what to do to fix this . 


If anyone can help thank you. 

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Hi @Talmax,

Here is some information which should help:

1. You may use the following syntax to receive the parameter in custom elements such as <div> located in Datapage: [@PARAMETER_NAME]

2. You may use timeout redirection settings if you have authentication enabled.


3. Make sure that you pass the parameter which identifies the record which will be shown.

e.g. if you try to open below Datapage you would need to pass parameter with a name Record_ID and it should look like the following.







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