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Referencing VirtualField with weird alphanumeric appended to it by Caspio

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Inspecting the webpage I see that caspio in some cases appends an alphanumeric code to a virtual field  ex: cbParamVirtual23_5cc2f7c259e4b5

I've read and used fairly successfully the following to reference the value:




My question: is there a more explicit way to reference this virtual field?  Reason being the  asterisk is a wildcard and it gets messy when referencing cbParamVirtual2  if there is a cbParamVirtual23 present prior.  

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Thanks Vitaliksssss.  however, is there a way to capture and reference the alphanumeric key that's appended? 


I have a use case where i'm using the following fields in my table:
- fno1_paytype
- fno1_Start_Time
- fno1_End_Time
- fno1

I'm having trouble accessing fno1 because  


  isn't catching the correct field :(

Ultimately I may have to rename fields, but since I have a lot of javascript, as well as multiple datapages already built and working which references the above table fields, renaming would be a worst case scenario. 

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