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Hiring a database manager, what skills are needed?



We're hiring a new database manager who will need to work with Caspio. What skills should we list as required? SQL, Javascript, HTML, etc?

We are also looking for someone who knows how to work with the API aspect of Caspio, something that none of us are familiar with. What skills should we be looking for?

Thanks for all your help. happymod 

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I would not say there is a straightforward answer to this question, as there is such a variety of things you can do, with or without custom coding through Caspio.

Now to try and answer, I would say back-end SQL developers would probably make a good fit, just because a major component of Caspio, is building the data structure. That being said, you could get by creating apps in Caspio without writing any SQL at all. You would really just want someone who is really good with database structure, and knows how to put the complete picture together. In my experience, someone can pick up creating the front end datapages very quickly in Caspio, but the back-end databases are where it is important to really know what you are doing.

The skills you listed (SQL, JS, and HTML) are all good to have. I've seen some pretty good Caspio developers who were really good Excel Modelers. If you want one person to handle everything, than all of those skills would be very beneficial, if you are only looking for someone to handle the databases, then a standard DBA would probably make a good fit.

For your API question, we actually just use Zapier, and Integromat to work with 3rd party apps instead of writing out the API because it is much easier.

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