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Using a task to "export" aggregate, unique values




I currently have a table that has:

  • 61,000 Order records associated to a Store Location
  • 49,000 of those Orders are unique

The reason the 49,000 occasionally duplicate is because an Order can be directed to 2-3 different Store Locations.

I have built a Data Page table that:

  • Groups the order records (49,000)
  • Then has an aggregation of "Select Count (Discount [@field:Assigned_Store_Locations])
  • So it will tell me Order #ABC went to 1, 2, or 3+ Store Locations.

Exporting a download this from a Data Page is too large for Excel to open, so instead, I was thinking to create a task that  will On Demand, insert records into a show me all 49,000 Unique Orders in column A (Num_of_Orders) and the count distinct in Column B  (Hops428). 

Result would be:

  • Column A: WSA1517966827
  • Column B: 2

I have most likely built my task wrong...although it let me save, it's erroring out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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