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Vintage Versus Modern Sewing Machines? Which To Buy?

I have a vintage sewing machine and it is my favorite all along. There is nothing fancy about it, just the good old features that will never fail you. Here I want to share with you the reasons I love them.

However, I have no intention to say that everyone should use a vintage sewing machine. They both have good and bad sides. After all, all that matters is personal preference.

If you haven’t found yourself the 27428160247_8a101fac25_o.gif best home sewing machine to start sewing, this article provides good suggestions for your reference.

Benefits of a Vintage Sewing Machine

The parts are made to last


Vintage machines are usually harder to break

If you ever put your hands on a vintage sewing machine, you will notice that it is heavier than a regular modern machine. The extra weight comes from the metal parts that make up the machine.

This means one thing: vintage machines are usually harder to break.

With the exception of the rubber belt, almost the entire machine is made from metal. Just like anything from our parents’ and grandparents’ time, with proper care, a vintage sewing machine can run forever.

Easier maintenance

Vintage sewing machines come with no computer software so, with proper instruction, you can do your own maintenance at home.

Excellent straight lines

Vintage sewing machines can make better straight lines

Most sewists out there don’t know that in a machine with so many stitch patterns, its ability to make straight lines is somehow affected.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that modern sewing machines cannot do the task. But for people like me, I prefer a vintage machine when I need perfectly straight lines on my projects.

Vintage machines can sew any fabrics

These models used to be used on a wide range of projects from blankets to suits. Most vintage sewing machines come with a manual level to adjust the pressure so you don’t have to worry if the fabric you have at hand is too thick or too thin.

Vintage Vs Modern Sewing Machines

Even though I love my vintage sewing machine very much, I don’t think every sewist should use one.

All the benefits of an old-fashioned sewing machine come hand in hand with big drawbacks. Here, I will compare the two models so that you can pick one for yourself.


There are not many vintage machines that can have more features than a modern model.

Technology has made it possible for a single home sewing machine to do hundreds or even thousands of stitches. You can even design your own and share it with others in a blink of an eye.

Threading used to be a time-consuming task until the auto-thread function was born. There is a chance that your home sewing machine, even if it is an inexpensive model, can be able to do this task.

On the flip side, modern sewing machines for home use are more vulnerable to malfunction. The more there is, the more that can go wrong. And when it does, your only choice is to take the machine to repair tech and pay the fee.

If you have a vintage machine with only solidly built parts, things are easier. They are less likely to go wrong and sometimes you can even fix them yourself.

Have you ever heard about the presser foot pressure adjustment? This function is for tuning the fabric feeding but it is not available for some modern models.

A typical hobbyist tends to be impressed by a machine’s wide range of stitch styles. However, the majority of them end up using only the three basic patterns, and the rest goes to waste.

However, some27428160247_8a101fac25_o.gif best sewing machines for home use still provide the most necessary features without adding too many redundant stitches. These sewing machines can be found at CraftsSelection.com with detailed reviews and comparisons.



I can say without a doubt that a vintage sewing machine will outlast any modern models. They are made out of high-quality and durable components and thus can perform well after decades or even generations.

A new sewing machine can stay in good shape for 10 or 25 years, but when it dies, the only place it will go to is the landfill.

I have a sewing machine heirloom that is at least 50 years old. It still runs and sews like the day it was made.

However, even if a new domestic sewing machine can only last for 2 decades at best, you can count on it to save you a lot of time. A vintage model can only do the basics, leaving you with the rest of the work, whereas a newer one can even do half of the task for you in less time.

Repair & Maintenance

The repairing cost of a vintage sewing machine can range from zero to hundreds of dollars.

If the machine is still in good shape and there is no broken part, dusting and a few drops of oil are the only things you need to do.

However, if there is something that is broken beyond repair, finding a replacement can be a real challenge.

The fee to fix a new machine can be costly once you are out of warranty coverage. Moreover, this type of job is not a DIY project. When it comes to these kinds of machines, a professional is needed if you want the best result.

Price & Value

The price of a vintage sewing machine can vary greatly.

Sometimes they cost thousands but other times you can find one right in your parents’ attic. These attic-fresh machines can be the best sewing machine for home use for people who can operate them. Speaking of home use, if you don’t fancy an old-fashioned one, this list provides a good selection of these models, check them out Ct5BMxjPhU5EL1o32VBPxaOS8QQUiHQ07kNp6JZkyroyGWTcoVaE1gbUaEfAzD7ZFp9JdvgJapJ7Ai8n2JtEeepNBtS-7i9lO7QtpCdjZ9t8VJa5W8EzDva08Ix2RuTJpqlu8IB5 https://craftsselection.com/best-sewing-machine-for-home-use/

The money you have to pay to find a vintage sewing machine that still runs should be taken into consideration as well. Sometimes all the benefits of a sewing machine are not worth the effort you pay out to hunt for it.

Newer home sewing machines can cost somewhere between $80 and $10,000. However, when you purchase them, you can be sure that they can operate right away.

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