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Column Sorting Challenge



So I have a basic 3 field table with one of the fields being Day of Week.   The Day of Week field is a static populated drop down with "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday".... etc,    My users can create multiple entries within this table using the same Day of Week.   I'm trying to figure out how I can forcibly sort the Day Of Week column to always display the Days of Week in sequence; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc.  But I need each instance of the DOW, to be sequential.  Example being the following 5 rows...

Sunday     'tttt'

Monday    'xxxx;

Monday   'yyyy'

Tuesday   'uuuu'

Wednesday  'rrrr'


When my use enters a new row with DOW of Sunday,  I need that new row to be listed directly below the existing Sunday row and not alphabetized which would place it right before Tuesday.

Any ideas?  I hope this made sense.


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Hello @HeyItsDoug,

To sort the field by the correct sequence of the day, I suggest that you have a calculated field in the form to convert the Day of the Week to an integer. 

CASE WHEN [@field:DOW] = 'Sunday' Then 1
WHEN [@field:DOW] = 'Monday' Then 2
WHEN [@field:DOW] = 'Tuesday' Then 3
WHEN [@field:DOW] = 'Wednesday' Then 4
WHEN [@field:DOW] = 'Thursday' Then 5
WHEN [@field:DOW] = 'Friday' Then 6
WHEN [@field:DOW] = 'Saturday' Then 7 


Then, hide this calculated using custom CSS. Insert Header/Footer and paste this code: You may refer to this forum post 


#target table:nth-of-type(1) td:nth-of-type(3)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(1) th:nth-of-type(3)  {display: none;}

<div id="target">

Lastly, on the Results Page Options, sort the report by this Calculated field.


Hoping that this will be your expected result:



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