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Disable/Populate field based on value of calculated field



Hello community,

I have a datapage with a calculated field displaying the DOW based on a date entered by the user using this formula:


This works fine.  However, I also have 7 Yes/No boxes labeled the DOW i.e. Mon, Tue. Wed....

I'm trying to figure out how to automatically check the appropriate DOW yes/no box to coincide with the DOW being displayed in the calculated field.  I also need to change the particular yes/no field to be YES as well as disabled.  If the user changes the date and the calculated field then updates with a new DOW then I would need the original yes/no box to become enabled again and the yes state be turned to no and then the new DOW yes/no box disabled and populated.

I have tried to accomplish this through Rules but I cannot actually change the yes/no box state from no to yes and vice/versa through the rule. I know that I can accomplish this through a Trigger but I need this update to visually happen while the user is navigating the form.  I'm guessing this has to be done through JavaScript but I am stumped.  Any help greatly appreciated!



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