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Can't use Data Source Fields in Dynamic Labels on a Tabular Report



Hi everyone,

I've searched all over for answers to this.

I know how to create Dynamic Labels, where the label gets customized using Data Source Fields. So, for example, I know how to have my label say something like "John Doe's age:" by using something like this:

[@field:firstName] [@field:lastName]'s age:

The problem is, I have a tabular report and I can't get Caspio to allow Data Source Fields in this tabular report. I don't know if Data Source Fields just aren't allowed in dynamic labels on tabular reports, or if there is something else wrong on my tabular report? The instructions here don't seem to indicated that some data pages can do this and some cannot: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/tech-parameters/use-parameters-in-labels-for-dynamicness/   Does this page need to be updated?

IMPORTANT: This needs to be a tabular report, or something similar, because my users need to be able to do Inline Insert, Inline Edit, and Inline Delete of these records.

As you can see in my screen shot (below), when I'm trying to build a dynamic label in this particular report, I can choose Authentication Fields, App Parameters, and System Parameters, but Data Source Fields are not available. Furthermore, I tried just typing in [@field:firstName] etc. to see if it would work (even though those fields are not in the drop-down list), and that did not work.

Can this be done in a tabular report? If not, what can I use that will allow dynamic labels but also allow users to modify the records  (add/edit/delete) in a tabular format?

Thank you in advance.  --mclarkdata


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Hi @mclarkdata,

It is not possible to use dynamic fields in Reports like Tabular/List/Gallery because they intended to show more than one record, hence it is not possible to identify from which record the field value should be taken. I guess for your case it is better to set the dynamic labels in authentication table.



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