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Likert Scale in Pivot Table using Lookup Fields

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In a survey, I am using a Likert Scale of 4 values (Strongly Disagree -> Strongly Agree) to answer several questions on a submission form.  I would like to create a Pivot Table with questions on one dimension,  scale names on the other, with a count of User-Ids as the values.  How do I use the scale values (Strongly Agree...) from a lookup table to specify the rows (or columns) ?   ALSO, I kept getting an ERROR when I submitted this question telling me to try again, so Sorry for the multiple submissions.

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Hello @skcombs,

Could you confirm, please, that you want to create the Pivot Table with the following view?


If so, then I am afraid this is not possible to create a Pivot Table using the lookup table as a data source.

It is possible only with a table that has specific table design.

Do you have the table with the similar design at the moment?



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I have a table where the responses are stored as numbers.  A lookup table has the pairing of labels to numbers, and the labels are used for the radio button responses.  One reason for this is that I want to compare the rating a respondent gives to each question over time to the same question.

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Hello @skcombs,

I will describe the solution based on the assumption that you have the table design like this.

1) This is the Lookup table that stores  possible options:


2) This is the table with responses:



3) It is possible to create the Pivot as on the screenshot in my previous post on the base of the table that has the following table design:


4) You may fill in the table for Pivot Table with values by Task/Triggered Action.

Here is the part of Task example: 


Task is helpful for the existing records. You may use the similar Triggered Action for new (inserted) records, the only difference is that in the Trigger you should SELECT FROM #inserted instead of the Responses table from the example.

Hope this helps. 

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