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Redirect User if Parameter Value Blank



Hi - I've created a shopping cart process using Caspio. By design, this process could not use authentication in Caspio - it had to allow a user to move through the shopping cart without having to login. Instead, I use a parameter value passed from page to page as the user moves through the cart process to uniquely identify them. Everything works fine with one exception: if a user completes a purchase using a credit card and then tries to hit the back button, they wind up at a previous page in the cart process (there are three separate pages in all) but with no parameter value being passed (I delete the parameter value from the database once they successfully submit payment information.)

My first thought was to just use a Rule on the datapages in the cart process that would hide each datapage if the parameter value was blank. But that doesn't work because each of the datapages has required fields, which means they can not be hidden with a DataPage rule. Is there anyway to redirect a user elsewhere (like my home page) if they go to one of the checkout pages and no parameter value is passed in? (This might also happen if someone bookmarks one of the pages in the cart process and tries to go back to it later.)

Any suggestions are welcome!

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