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Very basic question for a newbie:

I am trying to put students in a class. I have a table of students with first name, last name and DisplayName which is a formula combining the two names. I have another table of classes, and a 3rd many-to-many table of students in classes.

My source for the search report is the many-to-many table.

I search for a class and get a list of students already listed in the class and then add others.

The dropdown of student names in the results data does not give me the option of displayname, only first or last name. How do I correct that?

Also, when typing in a name, I can only enter a single character rather than continuing to type the name.

I know this must be covered somewhere, I just haven't found it. Send me a link or a quick answer.

Thanks for your patience. 



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Hello @Sam23,

As I understand, you would like to use the DisplayName in the lookup table of your Dropdown field. This is also a Formula field which is the combination of First Name and Last Name. The reason why formula field is not available in the option because, when you concatenate two text fields it becomes Text(64000). This DataType is not allowed as options for the lookup Table. To correct that, use this formula instead:

CONVERT(varchar(50),[@field:FirstName] + ' ' + [@field:LastName])

For your second question, you can use Autocomplete field as form element so you can type the complete name in the field.

You may check these links for reference:




Hope this helps!

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Ginger: another quickie: I am trying to add a student to a class using a search report. I select the student and then the class. The class is a dropdown displaying the class name. When I then open the table, the new data in the "ClassID" field is the name of the class, not the classID.

I have a relationship set where the datapage display is the name of the class rather than the classID. If I remove that , then the the classID (RandomID) shows up in the list which is not desirable, but at least I can add a new record to the table. 

This seems odd to be so much trouble for something that is basic to data entry. Am I going about this wrong? 
I am still trying out Caspio and it looks like it has poor functionality. I doubt that is correct.


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