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Nested Datapages in an iFrame need to target another iFrame

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I know that I can target an iFrame if my datapage is embedded on my site, but not if it is in an iFrame. However, I have a datapage in an iFrame in another datapage on my website:


  • <website>
    • Datapage1 (embed)
      • Datapage2 (iFrame)
        • Datapage3 (iFrame)


I need to be able to be able to target an iFrame from Datapages 2 and 3. 

Here is what I was told on customer support chat:


As per our internal team, your intended workflow is doable but it will require custom Javascript codes in order to achieve. I understand that you need that functionality in your application, however, it needs custom coding for that function to be implemented.

And the note goes on to say Support cannot help me, but I can pay to meet with one of their experts. So, I thought I would check here first. 

Any help is appreciated. 



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Target is a <a href="#" target="main_frame">LINK</a>

I want to be able to click the link from inside the iframe and have the page load in "main_frame." 

Presently, the only way I can think to do this is to use postMessage(). 

The other thing I've done is to completely rewrite the nested datapages using SQL in calculated fields and javascript - which is really laborious, but solves the problem.

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