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AutoComplete Feature - 2 Users with Same Name



I have an issue trying to use the autocomplete feature on one of my fields in my sub form.

I have a Client_Table that is a table of customer information with a lot of records in it. Before, I would use autocomplete on Alias (first + last name) and that would fill the following cascading fields with contact/address information. However, I ran into a problem when two users have the same exact name. When there is 2 'John Doe's, only one of them shows up on the AutoComplete value list, and it does not populate any of the following cascading elements. 

It would be great if there was a separate value and display value for these autocomplete elements, but there is not. Therefore, I cannot use the ID field, as the users do not have this information, and I would much rather have them use names. Second, I can't change their Alias to be different because these fields are often used in PDFs of professional invoices and documents. I can't have 'John Doe 1' on one of these. 

Anyone have any ideas, or have found a workaround for something like this?

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Hi kpcollier,

Usually contacts/customers info table contains an email which is unique.

If you already have one, or if it make sense for your contacts to have an email with your design, then this would be the object that uniquely refers to a specific person and unlike the ID, this is something that users know by heart. Try to fill cascading fields using this.

Does it make sense for your workflow?  If no, you may share the link to your test DataPage or some screenshots with us, maybe we can work something out.

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