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one to many relatioship not recognized



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Hi @Umbie!

I'm not sure what you mean by saying "caspio does not recognize it". I tried importing both of your tables as is, without changing any data types and I was able to build the relationship between them.


But what I find a little bit strange in your screenshot is that you are trying to relate "Product" field (which is the product name) with "Order Id" field. Looking at your tables I would say that the correct way is to establish the relationship between two ProductID fields.
And, just in case, pay attention to the table at the very end of this article, that says "Compatible Data Types" to make sure in future that the two fields can be connected.




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Hello Fae and many thanks for your reply.

You are right I posted the wrong screenshot.

Yes, indeed I do get the same as you vy connecting the two table through ProductID do but if you notice it says RELATIONSHIP TYPE INDETERMINATE.

That should not happen, the two table should have a one to many relationship determined because, as per your link: 

  • An indeterminate relationship occurs when neither of the fields in a relationship is unique.

In fact ProductID in Products is UNIQUE, so why does it display indeterminate?!




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I see what you are saying. Do you mean that ProductID field is set as UNIQUE on the table design tab? It is not enough to have unique values, you need to deliberately set the checkmark like this:


I tried it with your table and the relationship type was recognized as One-to-Many.

You may need to delete the existing relationship first before you convert the field to Unique, because otherwise the system won't let you save this change.

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