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Single datapage resulting in multiple entries on the same table




Apologies upfront if my questions have been asked before (I could not find the answer). In my defence I am new to Caspio, started testing it last week and now have lots of questions. This one is regarding generating more than one table entry from a single submission form.

Assume I have a DataPage where I list items that I own and the colour of each item. First, I enter a name (Max) in the name field, then in the item field I enter “ball”, then in colour I enter “white. On the next line in the item field I enter “toy soldier” and a colour I enter “green”.

The table itself would look like this:

Table: Name, Item, Colour.

Row 1: Max, ball, white

Row 2:Max, toy soldier, green



If I would be doing this normally I would have to fill in my name each time I add a new line, press submit every time etc. But what if I want to do 5 entries at a time without having to repeat my name five times and without having to press “submit” five times.


I really appreciate any help you can give me!!!


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Hi @PeterER8,

If you want to automatically populate the values of the fields based on the value of the other fields you can use cascading element you may check this link: 

If you want to save multiple records in one submission form, you can use trigger action for this, for more information you may check this link: 


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Thanks @telly

The automatic population is easy with cascading elements (one of the first things I tested while playing with Caspio)

It is the multiple record insertion from a single datapage that is more important. Would one use virtual fields for that? I will be testing triggered actions shortly and will see how I can use that functionality.



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