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Data Page Authentication Filed not Available



I have a 2 part data page for a  global Admin, that Page 1 creates a new Org (Customer) in an Org Table and will assign a RandomID at time of creation with an end destination of Page 2 where it hands the Org_ID to Page 2.

Page 2 will create a single Admin User for the Org (Customer) in a Org User Table. This admin user is stamped with the related Org_ID created in Page 1 identifying what Org they belong to.  This works like a charm without issue. I have a new record in my Org Table with a unique Random ID and a new record in my Org User Table for the newly created admin, and they are given the Org ID (text 255 data type) from the Org Table.

I have a 3rd data page that is a  Submission Form data page that allows the newly create Admin User in the previously described data pages to create new users for their Org. Data Source is the Org User Table. This is restricted access for only admin user. This is where my problem is.

1) If I configure it to on load, receive: Authentication Fields - I do not have my Org_ID as an option in the dropdown.

2) If I configure it to on load, receive: External Fields - [@InsertRecordOrg_ID] it adds the last ORG_ID parameter in the last session (Or prompts me for it) , which is not right. 

There can be multiple Orgs (Customers) each having their own Admin(s) which are created with the appropriate ORG ID they are related to (Page 1 and 2 above). So when my new user is created, it needs to have the right ORG ID based on the Admin that create it. 

I believe option 1 is the right way, but why do I not have my ORG_ID as an options for an authentication field?






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Hi @CRamsey,

I also think your first approach is the best solution.

It looks like your authentication source is a view (PRM_User_Table_ preceding each option leads me to that conclusion). Check to make sure the Org_ID is in that view to have it show up there.

If that doesn't do the trick, and the parameter approach is also not working (I am a bit confused why the Org_ID wouldn't be the same for all users the admin adds, but alas) you can get the Ord_ID with another approach.

Set up a hidden virtual field to load PRM_User_Table_User_ID (from auth fields). Then set Org_ID as a cascading text field on the virtual field parent, User_Table as the lookup table, User_ID for filter cascade by, and Org_ID as field for value.

I hope this helps

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Hey! Just wanted to let you know that Caspio introduced Directories (BETA) on their recent release that may connect and use to your authentication. You may check more information about the release here:


Note that for now, it's currently available as a beta release to corporate-level plans (e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum).

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