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PDFs | Widows and Orphans Issue



When downloading a PDF from a results set in Data Pages  if the next record is too big to fit on the previous page it forces a new page.

This leaves large gaps on my PDF reports.  

Some of my reports use Text (64000) which means they take up half a page.  If there is a only a quarter page left after the previous record.  This forces a new page.

Is there a away in the PDF format to remove Widows and Orphans and have continuous records without the large gaps?

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Hello @StephenMyall, I believe this is expected behavior. If the system noticed that it can't be display in one page, it will make another page for the remaining results. If you want to customize your PDF result, I read some information here in forum and this might need custom coding. I am not sure how do you want to achieve your current workflow but you can check with their support members. 

Here's a reference regarding the topic: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/pdf-download/pdf-download/

Hope this helps.

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